Turn off Cortana Completely windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft Inc. There are some cons and pros for Windows 10. One of them is how to turn off Cortana completely in Windows 10 because after Windows 10 creator update. Microsoft removed the option to turn-on or turn-off feature. But there are still some ways through which you can turn off Cortana. Microsoft removes the option to turn on or off because now Cortana is also available for android or windows phones. With Windows creator update, windows have new features. Now you can also remove search box completely if you think you have use of it.

How to Turn off Cortana Completely in Windows 10

Just follow these steps:

  1. Right click on Taskbar
  2. Select Cortana
  3. Click on hidden

After this settings, search box disappear. But you can get benefits of Cortana just by clicking Windows key on the keyboard. Are you looking to turn off all the features of Cortana? Only search features available then you can do this by a simple registry setting.

Turn off Cortana Completely
Turn off Cortana Completely

In windows 10 enterprise or pro edition, there is a new feature through which you can apply the setting in the complete enterprise network. Use group policy to apply the same setting on multiple machines. By gpedit.msc you can edit local group policy for a single user. To open policy follow these steps:

  1. Go to Computer Configuration
  2. Go to Administrative Templates
  3. Click on Windows Components
  4. Go to Search Box option
  5. Disable Search Box Option in Cortana

For windows 10 home user, need to do manual edit in the registry. First, find windows key, HKLM\software\policies\Microsoft\windows\windows. Search for this path, if you get a file then edit it or do a manual edit in the registry file. Now create a DWORD value ALLOWCoratana and set it 0.

The changes may apply to all the users on the same PC you make changes. Just sign out and sign in again. You can see now “search Windows” now appears in the place of “Ask me anything”. Now search box is changed. Click on Search box it will just display prompt. Cortana notepad is now unavailable. When you click on the gear icon, then there is only a few settings are available.

If you can’t get do this, then just call our Customer Service number 1-855-272-6255. The technician will help you in turn off Cortana completely from your computer. We have 24/7 phone support for Windows and Computer Software Related Problems.