How to Switch User windows 10

As you all know, we are not the only person who use computer or laptop. We share it with our family members, sister, and brother or with friends. In today’s post, I will let you know, how to protect your computer from potential damage and how to switch user windows 10? If so many people’s use a single computer then there are many chances of damage because many of them are not so much interactive with technology.

How to Switch User Windows 10

Windows 10 is a most famous operating system with some advance features. It has Cortana, and Universal Apps etc. to protect your personal data or for limited usage permission to the guest. You may create a new user account. As in windows 10 or in windows XP you see the option of switching user is given near to shut down. But now in Windows 10, this option is hidden and people think there is no option to log off or switch user in Windows 10. A user can switch or log off or login easily in windows 10 also. There are some steps to switch user’s Windows 10.

How to Switch User After Sign in?

After sign in, if you are trying to switch user, press Windows +L to lock the PC and press lock screen to go to sign in screen again. If you already sign in with other users then there will be a list of the user. Just on the user, you want to log in and provide login option like PIN, password or Picture. If you are not log in, and just start your Windows 10 Pc. The sign-in screen appears to be the default, and then just selects the user and log in Switch User from start Menu:How to Switch User windows 10

Switch User from Start Menu:

You are sign-in windows 10 Pc and want to switch user Windows 10. Next way is how to switch user from the start menu. Follow these steps to Switch user in Windows 10.

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Open start menu
  3. Click on the logo of User Account
  4. A start menu appears
  5. Click on Desired User Account, which you want to switch in.

Now you will see a sign in screen of the user that you have selected. You can also choose switch between sign in option.

Switch User from Picture password

If you want to use Windows 10 Pc, you can’t login to the user because it has password or PIN or picture password. There are two options to access Windows 10 computer. One option is to sign-in same account and another is to “switch user”. Just Click on the account you want to log in and provide login details for a successful login.

Or you can also do this by using Windows + L key,

Benefits of using Users on windows 10

The information of a user remains safe while someone else using same computer. So, now you get to know how to switch user windows 10. Now just create user accounts for your family and let them use computer without any tension.