Laptop wont turn on

Desktop troubleshooting is easy but troubleshooting a laptop that does not boot is much harder. This is because there is no option to remove any hardware from the laptop but in desktop, you can do this. Here are some steps give follow them to fix laptop wont turn on.

Laptop wont turn on

Laptop wont turn on
Laptop wont turn on

Plug Power Cable

The first step is to see battery quality. If you are using a laptop on battery backup and it does not turn on then connect power. It will let you know your battery quality. Make sure adapter connect properly.  If your computer use AC adaptor make sure it’s both cords connects properly.

Disconnect from docking station:

If you are using a Docking station for charging, disconnect it. Try to turn on to know docking station is working properly or not.

Removal any Pen drive or other hardware:

While troubleshooting laptops, disconnect pen drive and other external devices to make sure they are not the cause of the issue. External devices such as pen drive, hard disk, mouse etc.

Remove and reconnect battery:

Disconnect the power cable and then remove the battery from the laptop, because sometimes power state stops laptops from booting. Once you disconnect power and battery from laptop. Leave them for 5 minutes and then put the battery in the laptop. Connect the power and try to turn the laptop on.

Poor Hardware:

You have tried all these steps and your laptop won’t turn on, this means any of the hardware components of the laptop is not working properly. You can contact your laptop manufacturer for this and know how to get it fix.

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