What is Cortana?

Cortana is a voice controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft Windows 10. It is a new in Windows 10. It added in Windows 10, For those unfamiliar. Think of it as Siri, But for Windows. You can use it to get weather forecasts, set reminders, tell you jokes, send emails, and find files and so on. How to setup and use Cortana on Windows 10.

How to use Cortana on Windows 10?

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant for those who are not much familiar with Windows 10. If you can need it will work on your fingertips. It helps you to find anything on Windows Computer. This will give you the weather forecast. It reminds you important dates.

On new Windows 10 Pc, Cortana is not enabled. You can enable it easily on demand.

How to setup Cortana on Windows 10 PC

Cortana “lives” in the taskbar, but before you can get her into her home. You have to launch her for the first time.

  1. Click on start menu button. It’s the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. With a windows sign.
  2. If you can’t get in suggest apps then click on all apps.use Cortana on Windows 10
  3. Click Cortana.
  4. Click on Cortana Button, it has circle icon above the windows icon.How to use Cortana on Windows 10
  5. Select Use Cortana.
  6. ClickYes if you want speech, inking, and typing personalization turned on. This helps Cortana get to know you better and can help her complete various tasks. You can also choose No thanks if you don’t want this feature turned on. How to setup and use Cortana on Windows 10.What is Cortana

Now Cortana is all setup and ready for you to use. Simply type anything into the search bar and watch her do her magic.

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How to Pin Cortana to your taskbar on Windows 10 PC

Cortana appears in the taskbar when it’s life, She never appears by default in the taskbar. If you think opening Cortana, again and again, is time-consuming. You can also pin Cortana in the taskbar.

Follow these steps to pink Cortana in the taskbar.

  1. Right click on taskbar
  2. Click on CortanaPin Cortana Windows 10
  3. Click on the option you want.
    * Hidden: This will hide Cortana from the taskbar.
    * Show Cortana icon: This will show Cortana’s circle icon In the taskbar.
    * Show search Box: This will enable Cortana’s search bar in your taskbar.Cortana Windows 10

How to turn on Cortana on Windows 10 PC

  1. Press the Windows key+S together to open Cortana.
  2. Click the Notebook It’s the little notebook icon underneath the house icon on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click on Theon/Off switch underneath the Hey Cortana 

Now anytime you want to search the web, Know the weather forecast, or get the cricket score of yesterday’s match. How to setup and use Cortana on Windows 10.